Alric SANS


Looking for opportunities in September 2020

Lyon, FR


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I am currently enrolled in a 3-year engineering course at IMT Atlantique, in Brest, FR, in apprenticeship with Orange Wholesale France, in Lyon, FR. During my last 6 months at school, I decided to follow Mathematical and Computational Engineering (MCE) courses.

Inside those MCE courses, I chose the Image specialization. I thus have notions in Computational Imaging and Computer Vision, that my little repositories might show a bit. I worked on several projects most of them were research papers implementations (LSSC for example).

I am very interested in all the Image field (Computational Imaging, Computer Vision, Image Processing, ML/DL applied to Images), and I am looking for an opportunity in September 2020 in Lyon, FR. I am also interested in any Python development project, as all my personnal projects are written in Python.

alt text

Top right corner : picture taken in Porspoder (29), FR. All 3 other pictures were generated using DeepDream (With Caffee DeepLearning framework).